Heart & Home

Teresa's Desk has been dormant for quite a while. When I started looking for a place for my Heart & Home blog, podcast, and all the other information I want to share about the lifestyle of wellness that we are are adopting, it just made sense to make use of the place I already had - Teresa's Desk. And since the content is coming from my desk, it just made even more sense. 

Does anyone know the origin of the name "Teresa's Desk"? Probably not. When I met Lewis, he was very actively posting to his own website, "The Media Desk". (He still posts there and there is some great reading there. Check it out!) But I thought that having my own 'desk' would be a good idea.

Teresa's Desk has changed a lot over the years. I've also tried a several other websites through years, but I always keep coming back to Teresa's Desk.