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Nautical Bathroom Decor Ideas

Nautical Bathroom Decor Ideas

Nautical bathroom decor ideas are the ideas about bathroom decorations in nautical theme. Nautical bathroom decorations are all kinds of bathroom decorations in ocean related theme. Bathroom is the first place where we can find water. We take a bath, wash, and do many things that related to water. Isn’t it reminded you of ocean or river when you were in the bathroom and play with water? Many people are actually enjoy stay for a long time in bathroom and playing with water, especially kids. It’s not a bad thing to spend our free time playing in the bathroom, especially when we have no pool or our bathroom is spacious. In this article, we’re going to talk about some decorations in nautical theme.

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The first product is called Anchor Nautical Ocean Lover 70” Shower Curtain Digital Art Bathroom Vivid Decor. This shower curtain has basic white-blue color of the curtain. There’s an anchor symbol at the top part of the curtain with words “anchor”. This kind of curtain is suitable for adult bathrooms. The second nautical bathroom decor is called Seaside Nautical Sailboat Lighthouse Decor Seashell Bathroom Shower Curtain. This curtain has painted in ocean view that we may see from the lighthouse. There’s Blue Ocean, a sailboat, birds, and also the fence and grass at the coast. This is very beautiful curtain that will remind you of ocean scenery. You can buy this curtain with US$39.99.

The third nautical decoration is called Nautical Wall Hook Art Beach Boat Anchor Sea Bathroom. This is a wall decoration that made from wood in sailboat shape. The sailboat is simple sailboat with decorated sail. One side of the sail is in wave pattern and the other side is plain white colored sail with anchor symbol in the middle of it. You can buy this wall decoration with US$23.87.

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